• Ezeiza International Airport (SAEZ)
  • Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (SABE)
  • Mar del Plata (SAZM)
  • Bahía Blanca (SAZB)
  • Viedma (SAVV)
  • Bariloche (SAZS)
  • Cordoba (SACO)
  • Iguazu (SARI)
  • Mendoza (SAME)
  • Malargüe (SAMM)
  • San Luis (SAOU)
  • Río Cuarto (SAOC)
  • Catamarca (SANC)
  • San Fernando (SADF)
  • Jujuy (SASJ)
  • Salta (SASA)
  • Reconquista (SATR)
  • Rosario (SAAR)
  • Paraná (SAAP)
  • Concordia (SAAC)
  • Neuquén (SAZN)
  • San Martín de los Andes (SAZY)
  • Esquel (SAVE)
  • Comodoro Rivadavia (SAVC)
  • Puerto Madrin (SAVY)
  • Río Gallegos (SAWG)
  • El Calafate (SAWC)
  • Islas Malvinas International Airport (SAWH)
  • Río Grande Airport (SAWE)
  • Resistencia (SARE)
  • Santiago del Estero (SANE)
  • Corrientes (SARC)
  • Tucumán (SANT)
  • San Juan (SANU)
  • Trelew (SAVT)


  • Autopuerto Carrasco (SUMU)
  • Durazno (SUDU)
  • Punta del Este (SULS)


  • Aeropuerto Silvio Pettirossi (SGAS)
  • Ciudad del Este (SGES)

Ezeiza International Airport (SAEZ)

Runway Tte. Gral Riccheri Km 33,5 (B1802EZE) Ezeiza, Buenos Aires.

The airport is located at Ezeiza, Buenos Aires province, 22 km SW Buenos Aires City Center. The only access from the capital to the airport is through Runway AU1- 25 de Mayo -also called Tte. Gral Ricchieri (the Ricchieri). Ezeiza International Airport, located only at 22 km from the city center, with the technology and adequate infrastructure to operate big aircrafts, handles 90% of international traffic of all the country.

Latitud > 34°49’20» 5. Longitud 2> 58°32’09» W.

Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (SABE)

Av. Rafael Obligado s/n° (C1425) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Jorge Newbery Airport is locate at Avenida Costanera, facing the Rio de la Plata ( La Plata River), between Av. Sarmiento and La Pampa, in Buenos Aires Capital, only 2 km from the center.

Latitud > 34°33’32» S. Longitud > 58°24’59» W.

Mar del Plata International Airport (SAZM)

Ruta Nac Nº 2, Km 398.5 (7600) Mar del Plata, pcia. de Buenos Aires.

The airport is located southeast from Buenos Aires province, in Mar del Plata city. It is situated 4 km northwest the city and 7 km of the center.
The most important access from Buenos Aires city center( 380 km far )
towards the airport is the National Runway Nº 2 at Km 393.5.

Latitud > 37°56’03» S. Longitud > 57°34’24» 0.

Bahía Blanca Airport (SAZB)

Route 35- km 11.5. Bahia Bianca ( Buenos Aires).

The airport is located 12 kms cast Bahia Bianca cast city center, in Buenos Aires province.

Latitud > 38°43′ 29″ S. Longitud > 62° 10′ 09″ w.

Viedma Airport (SAVV)

Provincial Route N°51, Km 7 Viedma, Rio Negro province.

The airport is located 7 kms south Viedma city. The area Patagones-Viedma, due to its geographical position, is the main entrance to Patagonia area. The city is located at the east of the province, near the coast, and Buenos Aires border, the cities of Carmen de Patagones at Buenos Aires north border and Viedma Rio Negro capital province at the south – make a region of 700,000 inhabitants.

Latitud > 40°52’00» S. Longitud > 62°59’00» W.

Bariloche (SAZS)

Av. Mitre 2451 (8400) San C. de Bariloche, Rio Negro

The airport is located at 13 km East San Carlos de Bariloche.

San Carlos de Bariloche is considered the access way to
the Patagonic Anidine lakes region. It is located SE Nahuel Huapi
Lake, near the Chilean Border with Argentina. The extension
of the region is of 20000 hectares.

San Carlos de Bariloche is situated in Nahuel Huapi Park,
which is the biggest and most important in Argentina.

Latitud > 41°09’04» S. Longitud > 71°09’28» W.

Cordoba (SACO)

Camino a Pajas Blancas Km 8.5, Ruta E53 (5008) Cordoba, provincia de Cordoba.

The airport is located 11 km from Cordoba city, the capital of the province.

Latitud > 31°18’36 S. Longitud > 64°12’28 W.

Iguazu (SARI)

Ruta Provincial N° 101 – (3370) Misiones.

The airport is located inside the jungle, in one of the limits of Iguazu
Falls National Park. 6 km from the Park access, 21 km of Iguazu city.


Mendoza (SAME)

Ruta Nac. NO 40, Acceso Norte Km 15 (5539) Mendoza, pcia. de Mendoza

The airport is located at 7 km from Mendoza city, in Las Heras Department, to the north of the city, on the Ruta Nacional 40.

Latitud > 32°49’55» S. Longitud > 68°47’34» W.

Malargüe (SAMM)

National Route 40 south Malargue, Mendoza province.

The airport is located at Malargue city, southwest Argentine area, 0.5 km from the city center, in Mendoza province.
The city has aproximately 12,000 inhabitants in the immediate
area and 25,000 in the near area. El Valle de Las Leñas is an
important location (sky international center).

Latitud > 35°28’47» S. Longitud > 69°35’O6” W.

San Luis (SAOU)

Aeropuerto de San Luis «Brigadier Mayor César R. Ojeda» Av. Fuerza Aérea 3095 – (5700) San Luis.

The airport is situated at San Luis city, 3 kms northwest the city center.

Latitud > 33°16’38» S. Longitud > 66°21’08» W.

Río Cuarto (SAOC)

Aeropuerto de Rio Cuarto «Area de Material» Las Higueras – (5805) Cordoba.

Latitud > 33°03’06» S. Longitud > 54°15’09» W.

Catamarca (SANC)

Provincial Route 33, km 22, Los Puestos. Catamarca,Catamarca province.

The airport is located at Los Puestos, 25 kms from the city center of Catamarca province.

Latitud > 28°35’12» S. Longitud > 65°45’12» W

San Fernando (SADF)

Ruta 202 y Balcarce (1646) San Fernando, pcia. de Buenos Aires

San Fernando airport is located SW of Buenos Aires, 2 km from the city, near Delta Rio Parana (Parana River). The most important access from the City center to the airport is the Panamericana Runway. The access to the terminal is through Runway N°202, Hipolito Yrigoyen, joining the Panamericana 600 meter far. San Fernando is part of the Buenos Aires system of airports, it is used for the general aviation and flight school activities.

Latitud > 34°27’18» S. Longitud > 58°35’29» W (AIP).

Jujuy (SASJ)

Aeropuerto de Jujuy «Gobernador Horacio Guzmán». Ruta provincial N° 56 S/N, Ciudad Perico – (4610) Jujuy.
Tel:(0388) 491- 1102.

Located 33km sw from Jujuy city downtown.
Aeropuerto Internacional on Request / Entry Airport on Request.
Horas de Operación/ Operation Hours: h24

Posición Geográfica / Global Position:
242334s / 650552w
Elevation: 920 m. (3019 ft).

Pista/ Runway: 16/34
  • Longitud/ Length > 9,658 ft / 2,944 m
  • Pavimento/Surface > Hormigón/Concrete
  • Fuel Available: avgas / jet a1

Salta (SASA)

Ruta Nacional N° 51, Km 5 (4400) Salta, Pcia. de Salta.

The airport is located 6km from Salta city center, capital of the province, and the most important city, which is situated in the center of the provincial territory.

Three countries share borders with salta territory: Chile, Bolivia and

Latitud > 24°51’36» S. Longitud > 6S°28’38” W.

Reconquista (SATR)

National Route N°11, km 781. Reconquista, Santa Fe province.

The airport is located 8 kms from Reconquista city center.

Latitud > 29° 12′ 12″ S. Longitud > 59° 41′ 39′ W.

Concordia (SAAC)

Concordia, Entre Ríos province.

Latitud > 31° 17′ 49″ S. Longitud > 57° 59′ 47″ W.

Rosario (SAAR)

Av. Jorge Newbery s/n, 2000 Rosario, Santa Fe – Argentina


Neuquén Airport (SAZY)

San Martín 5901 Neuquén.

6 kms from the city center, it is the link to Buenos Aires city and other points of Argentina.
The main access are Route 22 and San Martin Avenue.

Latitud > 38° 56′ 00″ S. Longitud > 68° 08′ 00″ W.

San Martín de los Andes (SAZY)

Ruta N. 40, km 22 ex 234, San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén (8370.

20 kms from San Martin de los Andes.

Latitud > 40° 04′ 31″ S. Longitud > 71° 08′ 14″ W.

Esquel (SAVE)

Ruta Nacional Nº 40 Km. 21 – (9200) Chubut.

The airport is situated 21 kms from Esquel city. Esquel city is located northeast Chubut province, on the Andine slopes. Near the area, you can visit the Andine glaciers and only 20 kms south Esquel is the sky center «La olla».

Latitud > 24°54’02» S. Longitud > 71°07’27» W

Comodoro Rivadavia (SAVC)

Camino Vecinal Dr. Mariano González Km 9. (9000) Comodoro Rivadavia, pcia. de Chubut.

The airport is located 11 km from Comodoro Rivadavia city.

The airport surrounding areas are hills from 300 to 650m from the sea level. To the east, the Atlantic Ocean.

Latitud > 45°47’07» S. Longitud > 67°27’56» W

Puerto Madrin (SAVY)

Aeropuerto de Puerto Madryn «El Tehuelche». Ruta Nac. N° 250 – (9120) Chubut.

Located 10km nw from Madryn city downtown.
Domestic Airport.
Operation Hours: 1100z-0000z.

Global Position: 424531s- 650605″w.
Elevation: 58 m. (190 ft)

Runway: 05/23
  • Length > 8197 ft / 2500 m x 45m
  • Surface > Asfalto/Asphalt
  • Fuel Available: avgas / jet a1

Río Gallegos (SAWG)

National Route 3, Km 8 Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz province.

4.5 Kms from Rio Gallegos city center.

Latitud > 51°36’32» S. Longitud >’ 69°18’46» W.

El Calafate (SAWC)

Ruta 11 s/n – a 13km. de la ciudad (9405) El Calafate, Santa Cruz.

Only 50 kilometres from Los Glaciares National Park, next to the wonderful Argentino Lake, the new terminal, which replaces the airfield near the city, allows all+aircrafts operations.

The airport has a surface of 14700 square metres, the runway is 2550 metres length and 45 width, it counts with access facilities and security.

Latitud > 5O°16’48,91″ S. Longitud > 72°03’11,58″ W.

Islas Malvinas International Airport (SAWH)

(4707) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Located at Ushuaia lateral south peninsula, the south coast of BeagleChannel, the west and northeast of the Golondrina bay and east and northeast of the Ushuaia bay.

Latitud > 54°50°3S’60″ S. Longitud > 68°17°39’12» W.

Río Grande Airport (SAWE)

Aeropuerto de Rio Grande, Ruta Nacional N° 3, acceso Aeropuerto – (9420) Tierra Del Fuego.

9 kms from Rio Grande city center. The Isla Grande, the main province island, limits north with Magallanes Straits, south with the Beagle channel and east with South Atlantic Ocean.
Ushuaia, Rio Grande and Tolhuin town are placed there, and most of the population is situated there.

Latitud > 53″46’39″ S. Longitud > 67°45’00» W.

Resistencia (SARE)

Ruta National 11, Km 1003,5 (3500) Resistencia, pcia. Chaco.

Southeast from Resistencia city, 6 km from the city center, and 14 km from Corrientes city.

Latitud > 27°27’00» S. Longitud > 59°03’22» W.

Santiago del Estero (SANE)

Aeropuerto de Santiago del Estero «V Com. Angel de la Paz Aragones». Av. Madre de Ciudades s/nº – (4200) Sgo. del Estero.

Located to 6km nw from downtown.
Domestic Airport.
Entry Services on Request.
Operation Hours: 1000z – 0000z.

s27°45.93′ / w64°18.60′
Elevation: 656.0 feet.

Runway 03/21
  • Length > 7946 x 148 feet / 2422 x 45 meters
  • Surface > Asphalt
  • Fuel Available: avgas / jet-a1

Corrientes (SARC)

Ruta Nacional km 12 hacia Posadas, Ciudad de Corrientes – Provincia de Corrientes – Argentina

Located to 10km of Corrientes downtown city.

Global Position: 272644s-0584543w
Elevation: 61,5 m. (202 ft)

Pista/ Runway: 02/20
  • Length > 6889 ft / 2100 m
  • Surface > Concrete 50/r/c/w/u59/f/b/w/u
ils rwy 20 / dme / vor / ndb available for landing
Combustibles de Aviación Disponibles/ Fuel Available:
  • avgas / jet a1

Tucumán (SANT)

Aeropuerto de Tucumán «Teniente Benjamín Matienzo». Delfín Gallo s/n° – (4117) Tucumán.

Located 12km e from Tucuman city downtown
Aeropuerto Internacional / Entry Airport
Operation Hours: h24

Global Position: 265027s – 650617w
Elevation: 455 m (1493 ft)

Pistav/ Runway: 01/19
  • Length > 9,515 ft / 2,900 m
  • Pavimento / hormigón / Concrete
  • ils rwy 01 and dme available for landing
Combustibles de Aviación Disponibles/ Fuel Available:

avgas / jet a1

San Juan (SANU)

Aeropuerto de San Juan «Domingo Faustino Sarmiento». Ruta Nacional N° 20, km 12 – (5417) San Juan.

Located to 15km se from downtown.
Domestic Airport
Entry Services on Request.
Operation Hours: 1000z – 0000z.

Global Position: s31°34.29′ / w68°25.09′
Elevation: 1958.0 feet

Runway 18/36
  • Length > 8071 x 148 feet / 2460 x 45 meters
  • Surface > Asphalt
Fuel Available:

avgas / jet-a1

Trelew (SAVT)

Ruta 3 km 1450, 9100 Trelew, Chubut

Latitud > 43° 12′ 37.8″ S. Longitud > 65° 16′ 13.1 ‘ W.

Autopuerto Carrasco (SUMU)

Route 101 km 19,950, Ciudad de la Costa 14000, Uruguay.
Located to 20.3 km from the downtown

Entry Airport
  • Operation Hours: h24

  • Global Position: 345002 s – 560141w

  • Elevation: 32 m (101 ft)

Runway 06/24
  • Length > 10432 ft / 3200m x 45m

  • Surface > Asphalt

Runway 01/19
  • Length > 7335 ft / 2250m x 45m

  • Surface > Asphalt

  • Fuel available: avgas / jet-a1

Durazno (SUDU)

Durazno/Santa Bernardina Intern. Airport

Lat/Long: S33-21.5/W056-30.0

Punta del Este (SULS)

Route 93 km. 113, Maldonado 20100, Uruguay.

International Airport Captain Corbeta Ca Curbelo, Dirección located to 20.3 km from the downtown.

Entry Airport
  • Operation Hours: h24

  • Global Position: 345118S – 550539W

  • Elevation: 29 m (95 ft)

Runway 01/19
  • Length > 5249 ft / 1600m x 45m

  • Surface > Asphalt

Runway 08/26
  • Length > 6998 ft / 2133m x 45m

  • Surface > Asphalt

  • Fuel available: avgas / jet-a1

Aeropuerto Silvio Pettirossi (SGAS)

Silvio Pettirossi Airport, CC 1752 Asuncion – Paraguay.

Located to 14 Km from the downtown.

Entry Airport
  • Operation Hours: h24

  • Global Position: 251427,92807’S 057°31’00,58301’’W

  • Elevation: 89 m (292 ft)

Runway 02/20
  • Length > 10927 ft / 3352m x 45m

  • Surface > Concrete

  • Combustibles de Aviación Disponibles/ Fuel Available: avgas / jet-a1

Ciudad del Este (SGES)

International Route 7 Km 26, Minga Guazú, Paraguay.

Entry Airport
  • Operation Hours: h24

  • Global Position: S25º27’19,061’’/ W054º50’30,366’’

  • Elevation: 258m (846 ft)

Runway 05/23
  • Length > 11048 ft / 3389m x 45m

  • Surface > Concrete

  • Combustibles de Aviación Disponibles/ Fuel Available: avgas / jet-a1

Paraná (SAAP)

Aeropuerto de Entre Rios «General Justo Jose de Urquiza». Calle Salvador Caputto s/n° – (3100) Entre Rios.